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October 11, 2018.
what is e-commerce? we analyze its features and benefits
Nowadays, the Internet has become a part of everyday life and allows us to improve our business. It enables the exchange of goods, services, secure transfer of transactions, cheaper marketing, and the web store is becoming increasingly popular and could be said to be "necessary." Find out what e-Commerce really is and what its features are below.

E-commerce or web shop or online store means the purchase and sale of goods, services, and information using computer networks - including the Internet.

The year 1979 could be taken as the beginning of e-commerce when Michael Aldrich connected his television to the telephone line and invented the telephone trade. However, the term e-commerce only gained meaning with the advent of the Internet and its spread.

As the online presence of the company is a crucial thing today, and if your company's activity includes the sale of physical items, we suggest that you continue reading the text, so you may decide to introduce a webshop in your sales.

Michael John Aldrich - inventor, innovator and entrepreneur

What is being sold on the internet? (%)

E-commerce or web commerce is currently considered the most cost-effective business type due to the low cost of starting and running it compared to physical commerce. You do not need real estate or window rental, and you only need to have professionals, appoint a web store manager, and begin the sale.

In a large number of features, it is no wonder that e-Commerce brings many benefits. The most significant advantage of e-commerce is that the whole world can be a market. Nowadays, fewer people have time to visit stores to find the product they want, but it is easier for them to sit down at a computer and order a product. Product information is always displayed, at least it should be, delivery is resolved so that the product comes to your door. Prices are still displayed, but also current promotions. Some e-shops have a very well arranged section where customers leave feedback on the product so that the prospective customer can see the actual pictures of purchased products, their reviews, which significantly facilitates the purchase, especially if it involves more significant amounts of money. If you are a seller yourself, then you know that the significant advantage is that you can edit the contents of the shop from any device that has Internet access. This is important because this way, you can also respond to customer inquiries, respond to reviews, and react to some misunderstanding if necessary.

For the customer, the web store should be simplified to make it easier to navigate the site. This helps to classify products, and it is necessary to put the appropriate filters so that the customer can narrow the search to what he is looking for. "Less is more" is valid because if many products are served to the customer, they will most likely give up the purchase. It should be possible for the customer to find the desired product as soon as possible because this will make the purchase faster.

Web shop platforms (%)
B2B and B2C web sales ratio (trillion/$)

E-commerce works 0-24 hours, so customers who are away from your physical stores can easily buy products.

If you find e-Commerce interesting and you want to introduce it to your company, you first need to plan the look of your web store carefully. You need to decide whom you are going to sell to, companies or people, and choose the range. It may be necessary for your business that individual web stores have statistics. For example, it is the best-selling product or the most reviewed so that you can adjust the offer accordingly. It is very important to determine the payment methods; if you offer the customer more payment options, the chance that he will buy the product is higher. Also, the way the product will be delivered must be communicated, and care should be taken that the delivery is quality and reliable because if there is a misunderstanding with the delivery, the product is damaged or does not reach the customer, likely, the customer will not order the product from that web store.

If e-Commerce is well introduced into the company's business, even though the investment is higher at the beginning, over time, sales should at least double and return on investment. If you have a physical store in addition to e-Commerce, it has been shown that a well-made web store can also increase sales in physical stores.

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