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development of various tools and systems for the needs of ShoppingBlitz LLC
ShoppingBlitz is an e-commerce platform that offers footwear, clothing, and accessories, and has several million different products. The store operates through several sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and has multi-million dollar sales (USD) monthly.
The problem that ShoppingBlitz faced was the poor management of information coming from customers and suppliers. Also, insufficient product display and lack of reports were problems that needed to be addressed in proper ways. All these shortcomings led to insufficient business results and loss of customers. In addition to the insufficiently good webshop, ShoppingBlitz also had problems with other sales channels that imposed new market conditions and made the competition more difficult every day.
Our company was in charge of developing an online store and a variety of complex solutions and tools that easily managed information (orders, products, customers, balances, the status of ordered goods, reports ...) on all sales channels. ShoppingBlitz has created a quality, modern, and affordable webshop with a clear and appropriate display of all products and information, making it easier for the end customer to buy online. In addition to the webshop, a B2B platform (cWebSpace B2B e-commerce) was developed, which enabled them to do business with all clients and partners easily, and thus allow complete customization and scalability to all their needs.

Working with ShoppingBlitz was extremely satisfying for us, as the goal was to remove all the problems they encountered. As one of the larger projects, it brought us a great experience and additional knowledge, which we are happy to invest in further work.
main goals of the project:
  • developed and implemented a modern and affordable webshop with 24h support
  • a variety of tools that enabled higher sales than the competition
  • developed B2B platform for corporate business needs
  • achieved simpler business with clients and partners
  • facilitated end-user purchases and increased sales
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