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development of an online open and closed type store by Vintage Print Gallery LLC
Vintage Print Gallery International LLC is located in the United States and manufactures and sells unique art paintings.
At Vintage Print Gallery, the problem was the outdated web system for selling products, for example, art paintings. What was required was the creation of a more modern system with specific capabilities and functionalities for end customers and users.
Our team of developers and graphic designers has created a web system for online sales. By creating a web system, we have developed numerous opportunities for the customer, and we have achieved a unique and straightforward online sale of art paintings. The designed webshop is unique in that the user can combine each image by size, background color, and frame that suits him, and easily order and buy.

The most critical requirement was the final selection of an item to buy from a database of several hundred thousand product variations (motive, type of background, dimensions, frame), without the company having to hire a photograph of each combination separately. Also, it was necessary for the resolution of the photos to be at the maximum size and for the system to handle a large number of users at the same time with a quick opening of the desired item combination.

cWebSpace LTD has developed software that has solved the client's requirements and thus avoided unnecessary system load in the form of separate processing of each combination of motives, dimensions, background, and frame.
main goals of the project:
  • developed a new and modern web system for the sale of art paintings
  • facilitated purchase by end-users
  • achieved the desired selection of images, frames, dimensions, and substrates
  • solved the problem of system load with a large amount of data
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