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Business Management System (BMS)
In cooperation with the company, Međimurje PMP d.o.o. we develop a system that fully adapts to customer requirements and consists of all necessary modules such as accounting, commercial, production monitoring, warehousing, human resource management, DMS...

The system is intended for companies that have complicated production and business processes, and require solutions tailored to their needs and easy to use.

BMS is designed to improve business processes, make economic savings, identify bottlenecks, prevent downtime, and improve business results.

It is currently used in the metallurgical, construction, textile, shipbuilding, and in companies that have serial or specialized production.
The cWebSpace team is even more than what we needed!

They have managed to turn a very outdated online store into a beautiful, comfortable, and clean place. At every step, the team was conscientious, patient, and with brilliant ideas. cWebSpace has worked diligently to solve problems and realize all open issues and problems.

Their team is direct and honest, and most of all, it is good that they understand their job.
Ali Lahaye
CEO, Vintage Print Gallery International LLC
It is my pleasure to recommend cWebSpace for all kinds of development needs you need.

We have been working with them in several different capacities for more than two years, and we have never found ourselves disappointed with their work. From simple web updates, complicated programming, database development to user interface design, we always get results above all expectations from cWebSpace.

I am fully convinced that everyone who chooses cWebSpace will feel the same way.
Hugh Sinclair
CEO, WorldBlitz LLC
cWebSpace is exactly what you need if you are looking for an outsourcing company. Professionalism and fantastic communication create pleasant work and excellent business cooperation. I would be happy to recommend cWebSpace for any form of business as they create a business relationship.
Halsey Scott English
CEO and Founder, Halsey News Network LLC
cWebSpace LTD
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HR 40000 Čakovec, Croatia
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Share capital: 250.000,00 HRK
TEL +385 40 865 029
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